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shotgunworld 410 vs 28 ga

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5 Reasons To Love The 28 Gauge - Outdoor Life

You Can Carry it for Days.My first over-and-under shotgun was a stunningly beautiful 12 gaugeIts Fast.Trim,properly scaled 28-gauge guns tend to be very quick to the shoulder and fast on theLow Recoil,Low Noise.One of the best things the 28-gauge gun has going for it is something itMore Affordable Guns are Now Available.Major ammo makers report that the 28 gauge hasWe Have Better Ammo Options.The resurgence of 28-gauge guns is partially due to increasedPracticing and Competing with the .410 Bore Shotgun The 20 gauge is allowed no more than 7/8 oz.of shot,the 28 gauge maximum shot capacity is 3/4 oz.,and the diminutive.410 bore is allowed only up to 1/2 oz.of shot as its payload.Your brain tells you Work hard.There arent too many pellets in this little thing. But is that the right thing to do?Shotgunworld .410 vs .28 gaDec 31,2014·For myself I find the 28 gauge patterns much better than the .410 for field use.Back in the mid 80's I used a .410 with three inch shells for two years in the field.Found it worked not as well as the 28 gauge and went back to the 28 gauge.All shotgun gauges except the .410 are patterened at the same distance.The .410 is patterned at a shorter range than the others..

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Jan 09,2015·Post subject Re .410 vs .28 ga.Posted Sun Jan 04,2015 1:00 am *Proud to be a* Joined Sun ·The Tristar.410 that I have is right at the same weight of the Pointer 28's that I have.The 410 is a bit quicker because of the shorter barrel and the less felt recoil is a big difference.I'd say I'd have issues with the 410 on a clays course.I do ok here at the house and have gotten use to it as far as clay shooting is concerned.The .410 What Good Is It? - CHUCKHAWKS.COMFor clays games,or trying to spend the most money per ounce on lead as possible,the .410 has its place.As a pleasant introduction to shotgunning,it fails miserably compared to 28 gauge or light 20 gauge loads.The .410 can be a nasty prank to play on your son or daughter.Thoughts on the Three-Inch 28 Gauge - Field and StreamFeb 24,2016·Given that Winchester already makes a one-ounce,2 ¾-inch 28 gauge at 1205 fps,I dont see a huge advantage in an extra 1/16 ounce (about 13 size 6

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