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experimental study on low temperature fatigue performance

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The fatigue behaviour will be analyzed at different temperatures by applying a strain sweep test,called EBADE (the initials of the strain sweep test in Spanish,Ensayo de Barrido de Deformaciones) (18).2.EXPERIMENTAL STUDY.A semi-dense bituminous mixture was selected to study the effect of ageing on the fatigue behaviour .of bituminous An Experimental Study on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviors Due to the good combination of high temperature strength and manufacturing performance,10%Cr steel has been widely used as the material of 1000MW ultra-supercritical turbine HP/IP rotors in China.In addition to creep strength,good low cycle fatigue resistance is needed for rotor's design and service safety because high cyclic stresses are often produced during start-stop and variable load

An experimental study on fatigue performance of

fatigue crack growth rate and Crack Tip Opening Displacement tests were carried out at room,intermediate low (-100 oC) and cryogenic (-163 oC) temperatures.The initial yield and tensile strengths of all materials tended to increase with decreasing temperature,whereas the change in elastic modulus was not as remarkable.The largest and smallest im-Author Haigen Cheng,Cong Hu,Yong JiangPublish Year 2021Fatigue Performance of Glass Fiber/Epoxy Composite atobserve no effects of temperature variation on fatigue life of the composite.The intent behind this current research is to develop a clear understanding of the abilities of MAC/GMC and utilize it to predict low temperature properties of the constituents of a composite at low temperatures.Henceforth,applying those properties to a [45]2Author Prajakta Govande,Dominic R Cross,Kwek Tze TanPublish Year 2016Experimental Study on Medium and Low Cycle Fatigue Oct 27,2020·The strength of medium and low cycle fatigue and the fatigue limit are obtained.The feasibility of the estimated S-N (fatigue stress versus life) curve is tested.The double logarithmic linear model (DLLM) and the reversed generalized Pareto model (RGPM) are used to fit the experimental data,and the comparison is made.

Author Yanfeng Wang,Fusheng Lin,Shuangqun ZhaoPublish Year 2014An Experimental Study for Fatigue Performance of 7% Nickel

The main objective of this study is to evaluate the fatigue performance of 7% nickel steels with a special attention to type B LNG carrier applications.Cyclic fatigue and fatigue crack growth rate (FCGR) tests for 7% nickel steels were conducted at room and cryogenic temperatures.Author Zhanzhan Tang,Zheng Chen,Zhixiang He,Xiaomei Hu,Hanyang Xue,Hanqing ZhugePublish Year 2021Experimental Research on Fatigue Performance of Asphalt To evaluate the anti-fatigue performance of asphalt pavement affected by temperature and solve the problem of an inaccurate estimation of fatigue damage by adopting a single fixed temperature,the Cited by 18Publish Year 2018Author Hongchao Guo,Jinhuai Wan,Yunhe Liu,Jiping HaoEXPERIMENTAL STUDIES OF FATIGUE PERFORMANCEEXPERIMENTAL STUDIES OF FATIGUE PERFORMANCE OF INCONEL 718 AND FIBERGLASS REINFORCED VINYLESTER Sean Gribbin University of New Hampshire,Durham Follow this and additional works at: This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Student Scholarship at University of New Hampshire Scholars' Repository.

Cited by 1Publish Year 2020Author Hongshuai Gao,Quansheng SunEXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF LOW CYCLE FATIGUE

The static mechanical performance of plasticized and unplasticized epoxy resin was evaluated. In room temperature of 25°C and under atmospheric EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF LOW CYCLE FATIGUE Cited by 2Publish Year 2016Author Young Woo Kim,Dong Jin Oh,Jae Myung Lee,Byeong Jae Noh,Hee Joon Sung,Ryuichi Ando,Toshiyuki MaStudy on Fatigue Test and Life Prediction of Polyurethane The fatigue performance of polyurethane cement is poor at low temperature,which can be improved obviously with the increase of temperature.According to the bending fatigue equation of polyurethane cement listed in Table 7 ,the fatigue life surface at different temperatures and strain levels can be obtained,as shown in Figure 13 .Cited by 2Publish Year 2020Author Yapeng Wu,Hongbo Liu,Zhihua Chen,Yu LiuEstimated Reading Time 7 minsAn experimental study on fatigue performance of cryogenic Dec 01,2013·Monotonic tensile,fatigue,fatigue crack growth rate and Crack Tip Opening Displacement tests were carried out at room,intermediate low (-100 °C) and cryogenic (-163 °C) temperatures.The initial yield and tensile strengths of all materials tended to increase with decreasing temperature,whereas the change in elastic modulus was not as remarkable.

Cited by 7Publish Year 2021Author Riran Wang,Mingjing Yue,Yuchao Xiong,Jinchao YueAn experimental study on fatigue performance of

Three materials SUS304,9% Ni steel and Al 5083-O alloy,which are considered possible candidate for International Maritime Organization (IMO) type B Cargo Containment System,were studied.Monotonic tensile,fatigue,fatigue crack growth rate and Crack Tip Opening Displacement tests were carried out at room,intermediate low (-100 °C) and cryogenic (-163 °C) temperatures.Cited by 7Publish Year 2021Author Riran Wang,Mingjing Yue,Yuchao Xiong,Jinchao YuePerformance of Non-segmented and Segmented RailwayPerformance of Non-segmented and Segmented Railway Brake Discs - Temperatures,Wear and Fatigue Investigated by Field Experiments and Simulations May 2021 Conference EuroBrake 2021Effect of aging on fatigue performance of cement The objective of this study was to assess the low temperature anti-cracking performance of crumb rubber modified asphalt mixtures by performing the semi-circular bending tests.

Experimental and Numerical Study of Combined High

Jun 18,2021·loading conditions.This study was devoted to investigating the combined effects of high and low cycle fatigue loads on the performance of the low alloy steel Q345.Three kinds of experiments were carried out,including the pure high cycle fatigue (HCF) tests,the pure low cycle fatigue (LCF) tests,Experimental study on fatigue performance of Q420qDExperimental study on fatigue performance of Q420qD eects of corrosive media and high re temperatures on its fatigue performance.And refer to the current specications to evaluate its fatigue performance.The results show that the fatigue performance of the cross joint connection is reduced Su et al.2019),and low temperature (Li et al Experimental study on fatigue performance of high strength Oct 01,2018·The welded joint of steel structure is prone to occur fatigue fracture under dynamic loads.In this paper,an experimental study on the fatigue performance of base material,butt weld,and cross fillet weld of high-strength steels were investigated.The S-N curve was fitted,and the corresponding fatigue life was predicted.

Experimental study on low temperature fatigue performance

·Fatigue fracture occurred at the stress amplitude 0.7 f y and 0.9 f y under all testing temperatures,and the fatigue life of Q420B steel dramatically increased with the decrease of temperature,which indicated that the low temperature can improve the fatigue performance of Q420B steel,i.e.the fatigue property will increase to a certain extent.Besides,the discreteness of fatigue lifeExperimental study on mechanism,aging,rheology and Jan 25,2021·This study employs two carbon nanomaterial (i.e.,graphene oxide,GO; carbon nanotubes,CNT)/polymer (i.e.,styrene-butadiene-styrene,SBS) composites to modify asphalt binder for the optimal design of asphalt pavement materials.The feasibility of utilizing GO + SBS or CNT + SBS composites in asphalt binders is investigated from the perspectives of the modification mechanism,aging resistance,high- and low-temperature rheological properties,and fatigue performance.Experimental study on mechanism,aging,rheology and The high- and low- temperature properties were determined by multiple stress creep recovery (MSCR) tests and bending beam rheometer (BBR) tests,respectively.Moreover,the fatigue performance of the GO + SBS- and CNT + SBS-modified binder was examined by linear amplitude sweep (LAS) tests.


including bench testing and experimental techniques.Geometric optimization of crankshafts was also briefly discussed and cost analysis with potential cost savings from several studies in the literature were presented.The objectives of this study were to compare the fatigue performance of ductileFATIGUE PERFORMANCE OF STABILIZED AUSTENITICThe effect of temperature on fatigue life was studied in range of 25 ºC to 325 ºC.The highest test temperature was selected to represent an upper bound in normal operation (without thermal transients).As it was soon concluded that fatigue life at 0.5 % strain amplitude is insensitive to temperature up to 325 ºC,we were focusing in long lives.Fatigue Performance of SFPSC under Hot-Wet Environments In order to study the environmental fatigue performance/durability of SFPSC material under coupling and uncoupling action of hot-wet environments and cyclic loads and to prove the mechanism of the effect brought by hot-wet environments on the fatigue performance of SFPSC,in this research,three types of fatigue experiments were designed (1) Fatigue experiments under room temperature and

File Size 1MBPage Count 32Experimental Investigation on Fatigue and Low

1 Experimental Investigation on Fatigue and Low Temperature Properties of 18 Research Assistant 19 13 performance was not significantly different for mixtures containing 20% Modelling and experimental study of fatigue of powder For model correlation,uniaxial fatigue experiments were conducted on smooth cylindrical fatigue specimens under constant amplitude loading at room temperature (y25uC) in laboratory air with 4560% relative humid-ity.A water atomised iron powder,Atomet 1001,from Quebec Metal Powders was the base iron powder for theMonotonic and fatigue performance in bending of fiber bAdvanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Laboratory,Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,University of Michigan,Ann Arbor,MI 48109,USA Received 11 December 2000; accepted 25 September 2001 Abstract This paper presents an experimental study and theoretical analyses on the monotonic and fatigue performance in bending of a


Previous studies have shown that the fatigue performance of steel improves at low temperatures (Sines and Dolan 1959,Troshchenko 1971,Frost et al.1974,Stephens et al.1984).Stephens et al.(1984) studied constant and variableStudy on Low-Cycle Fatigue Performance of Steel Alloy Dec 10,2019·In this paper,the low-cycle fatigue performance of the Temcor joints was studied by experimental researches,finite element simulations and theoretical analyses.Six kinds of displacement loads were selected and the low-cycle fatigue failure mechanism and fatigue life of the Temcor joints were studied through experimental research.

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