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ocean engineering vol 188 15 september 2019

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(PDF) Bidirectional Information Transmission in SWIPT

Sep 12,2019·Electronics 2019,8,1027 4 of 15 primary to the secondary side.The L 1 ,C 1 and L 2 ,C 2 c o u p l e i n s e r i e s a n d f o r m r e s o n a n t t a n k t o12345NextAssociation Rule-Based Feature Mining for AutomatedAug 25,2019·Effective and efficient diagnosis methods are highly demanded to improve system reliability.Comparing with conventional fault diagnosis methods taking a forward approach (e.g.,feature extraction,feature selection,and fusion,and then fault diagnosis),this paper presents a new association rule mining method which provides an inverse approach unearthing the underlying relation between

Chloride Levels That Initiated Corrosion of Duplex

AbstractIntroductionMaterials and MethodsResults and DiscussionConclusionsData AvailabilityDisclosureConflicts of InterestAcknowledgmentsChloride-induced corrosion of carbon steel has been widely recognized as one of the main causes of premature failure on the reinforced concrete structures.Various strategies and measures such as employing stainless steel reinforcements have been developed to address this problem.Past studies have been concerned with the identification and characterization of chloride threshold since corrosion would not initiate as long as the chloride concentration values at the reinforcing stainless steel depth reSee more on hindawiEvent-triggered Finite-time Formation Control for Multiple ·Li,Yongpan Liu,Zhengjiang and Zheng,Zhongyi 2019.Study on complexity of marine traffic based on traffic intrinsic features and data mining.Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering,Vol.19,Issue.3,p.619.Cited by 18Publish Year 2017Author Denghui Qin,Guang Pan,Qiaogao Huang,Zhengdong Zhang,Jiujiu KeEfficient Global Reliability Analysis for Nonlinear May 02,2012·15 September 2019 AIAA Journal,Vol.57,No.12. 15 April 2019 ASCE-ASME J Risk and Uncert in Engrg Sys Part B Mech Engrg,Vol.5,No.2. 22 July 2015 China Ocean Engineering,Vol.29,No.4.Integration of model verification,validation,and calibration for uncertainty quantification in engineering systems Cited by 3313Publish Year 1988Author David C.WilcoxNumerical Investigation of Different Tip Clearances Effect International Journal of Computational Methods Vol.15,No.05,1850037 (2018) 1 Sep 2019 Ocean Engineering,Vol.188.Hydrodynamic design of an advanced submerged propulsion.Jing-Wei Jiang and Wei-Xi Huang. Received 9 September 2016.Revised 17

Cited by 647Publish Year 2008Author B.J.Bichon,M.S.Eldred,L.P.Swiler,S.Mahadevan,J.M.McFarlandSilent Owl Flight Bird Flyover Noise Measurements AIAA

Apr 30,2012·Ocean Engineering,Vol.188.Bio-Inspired Aerodynamic Noise Control A Bibliographic Review.30 May 2019 Applied Sciences,Vol.9,No.11. 7 July 2018 Journal of Bionic Engineering,Vol.15,No.4.Acoustics of a Mixed Porosity Felt Airfoil.27 October 2018.The hanging flag problem on the heaving motion of a thin filament in the Cited by 923Publish Year 2005Author Jay D.Martin,Timothy W.SimpsonReassessment of the scale-determining equation for Jun 27,2015·15 September 2019 Journal of Propulsion and Power,Vol.35,No.6. Ocean Engineering,Vol.188.A CFD study on the performance of a passive ocean plastic collector under rough sea conditions.Ocean Engineering,Vol.188.A novel configuration for improving the aerodynamic performance of Savonius rotors.Detached eddy simulation of massively separated flows Aug 22,2012·5 September 2019 Applied Sciences,Vol.9,No.18. Ocean Engineering,Vol.123.Delayed detached eddy simulations of fighter aircraft at high angle of attack. Vol.15,No.2.Detached Eddy Simulation of Flow over NACA0012 Airfoil at High Angle of

Dynamics of a cantilever beam attached to a moving base

May 23,2012·31 January 2019 China Ocean Engineering,Vol.33,No.1 Dynamics analysis of a rotating plate with a setting angle by using the absolute nodal coordinate formulation European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids,Vol.74Erosion Prediction in Turbomachinery Resulting from May 22,2012·20 September 2019.Influence of valve governing mode on solid particle erosion and efficiency in governing stage of steam turbine 15 October 2018 Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power,Vol.141,No.1. Ocean Engineering,Vol.105.Optimization design for throttle valve of managed pressure drilling based on CFD erosion I.Michael Navon's Publications - PeopleMay 09,2004·Ocean Engineering Vol 140 ,pp 155--168(2017) Highly-efficient Reduced Order Modelling Techniques for Shallow Water Problems.D.A.Bistrian and I.M.Navon.International Conference on Applied Sciences (ICAS2017),May 10-12,2017,Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara,Hunedoara,Romania.g (2017)

Immovable Cultural Relics Disease Prediction Based on

Sep 22,2020·The preventive cultural relics protection is one of the most concerned contents in archaeology,which includes environmental monitoring and accurate prediction of cultural relics diseases.In view of the deficiency of the analysis of cultural relics data and the prediction of cultural relics diseases,a prediction model of immovable cultural relics diseases based on relevance vectorJournal Articles Padgett Research Group Rice UniversityLocated in an urban environment on a 300-acre tree-lined campus,Rice University seizes its advantageous position to pursue pathbreaking research and create innovative collaboration opportunities that contribute to the betterment of our world.Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures Recording an 5 September 2019 ,Vol.162 Dynamic cellcell adhesion mediated by pericellular matrix interaction a hypothesis 15 August 2019 Journal of Cell Science,Vol.132,No.16

Multidisciplinary Design Exploration for a Winglet

May 22,2012·9 October 2019 Experiments in Fluids,Vol.60,No.11. Study.11 October 2019.Winglet effect on hydrodynamic performance and trajectory of a blended-wing-body underwater glider.Ocean Engineering,Vol.188. 13 September 2011 Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures,Vol.22,No.10 ON INSTANTANEOUS FREQUENCY Advances in Adaptive1 May 2019 Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics,Vol.188 Study on intra-wave frequency modulation phenomenon in detection of rub-impact fault Peng Zhou,Minggang Du,Shiqian Chen,Qingbo He and Zhike Peng et al.Ocean Engineering Vol 188,15 September 2019 Read the latest articles of Ocean Engineering at ScienceDirect,Elseviers leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature Volume 188 15 September 2019.Download full issue.Previous vol/issue.Next vol/issue.Actions for selected articles.Select all / Deselect all.Download PDFs Export citations.Show all article previews

Seismic responses of concrete rectangular liquid storage

Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering,Vol.44,Issue 5,2019,p.4245-4256.Zang Q.,Fang H.,Liu J.,et al.Boundary element model for investigation of the effects of various porous baffles on liquid sloshing in the two dimensional rectangular tank.Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements,Vol.108,2019,p.484-500.Use of Kriging Models to Approximate Deterministic May 02,2012·Building and Environment,Vol.188. 15 September 2019 AIAA Journal,Vol.57,No.12.Combining simulations and data with deep learning and uncertainty quantification for advanced energy modeling. International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,Vol.9, of the technologies for wave energy extraction Ocean Energy buoy (OE) 50 m 2880 RD phase (1:4 scale model) Wavebob 20 m 1000 RD phase (1:4 scale model) CETO 7 m 260 Garden Island,Western Australia Wave Hub,Cornwall,UK Pre-consented (3 MW each project) Seabased AB 3 m 15 Sotenäs,Sweden Pre-consented,10-MW demonstration plant Attenuator Sea Power 16.75 m 3587

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